DÅs regularly takes on dance jobs. These could include performances at events, dance lessons, or other dance-related requests - previous assignments are listed further down on the page. Please contact us through the form for inquiries about arrangements, pricing and questions 💃🏼

DÅs contributes with dance to the Studentsamfunnet in Ås every year, usually at entertainment events such as Graskurs, Kultur-Xplosjon, UKEauksjonen, Samfunnets Grand Prix, or at our own FÅRestilling. The next FÅRestilling will be held at Aud.Max. on November 3, 2023! If there is availability, DÅs also takes on other assignments.

Some previous dance jobs: 

  • Performance at Studentsamfunnet in Ås on International Women's Day (2023)
  • Performance at Energiseminaret (2023)
  • Performance at Girls & Technology Day (2023)
  • Performance at the opening of the Veterinary School (2021)
  • Performance at the Terra Formas student association's autumn ball (2021)
  • Choreography lessons for Ås High School - Sports Line (2021)
  • Performance at a bachelorette party (2021)

Previous shows (FÅRestillinger):

  • Sheep Happens (2022)
  • MILLENIUM (2019)
  • Intimshow (2017)